фиктивная кандидатура; претендент на власть, не имеющий реальных шансов (выдвигаемый с целью раскола оппозиции)

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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  • stalking horse — stalking horses 1) N COUNT (disapproval) If you describe a person or thing as a stalking horse, you mean that it is being used to obtain a temporary advantage so that someone can get what they really want. The successful applicants will almost… …   English dictionary

  • Stalking-horse — Stalk ing horse (st[add]k [i^]ng h[^o]rs ), n. 1. A horse, or a figure resembling a horse, behind which a hunter conceals himself from the game he is aiming to kill. [1913 Webster] 2. Fig.: Something used to cover up a secret project; a mask; a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • stalking horse — this is the name given to the party submitting the first bid to purchase assets. The stalking horse bid can be used to solicit interest from other bidders and also acts as an indicator for what will be realized on the auction floor (Glossary of… …   Glossary of Bankruptcy

  • stalking-horse — [stô′kiŋ hôrs΄] n. 1. a horse, or a figure of a horse, used as cover by a hunter stalking game 2. anything used to disguise or conceal intentions, schemes, or activities; blind 3. Politics a person whose candidacy is advanced temporarily to… …   English World dictionary

  • stalking horse — USA In the context of bankruptcy sales, a stalking horse is a bidder used to establish the purchase price floor so other bidders can know the minimum to bid for the target company. Practical Law Dictionary. Glossary of UK, US and international… …   Law dictionary

  • stalking horse — A stalking horse is a strategy or something used to conceal your intentions.  It is often used where someone put themselves forwards as a candidate to divide opponents or to hide the real candidate …   The small dictionary of idiomes

  • stalking horse — stalking .horse n someone or something that hides someone s true purpose, especially a politician who says they want their leader s job when the real plan is that another, more important politician should get it …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Stalking horse — A stalking horse is someone or something whose role is to become the focal point for, or the initiator of, a debate or challenge. In reality, however, their leadership role may be an illusion, and the stalking horse is really working to promote a …   Wikipedia

  • stalking horse — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms stalking horse : singular stalking horse plural stalking horses 1) an action intended to hide what someone is really trying to do 2) someone who pretends that they want to be the leader of their political party …   English dictionary

  • stalking horse — /ˈstɔkɪŋ hɔs/ (say stawking haws) noun 1. a horse, or a figure of a horse, behind which a hunter hides while stalking game. 2. anything put forward to mask plans or efforts; a pretext: *As the girl had said – and he hadn t really believed her –… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • stalking-horse — noun 1. a candidate put forward to divide the Opposition or to mask the true candidate • Hypernyms: ↑campaigner, ↑candidate, ↑nominee 2. something serving to conceal plans; a fictitious reason that is concocted in order to conceal the real reason …   Useful english dictionary


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